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With the P.D. 17/96 introduced the obligation to assign the duties of Security Technician (TA) to all companies that employ a workforce.

The responsibilities of the Security Technician are divided into advisory and supervisory. Indicatively they are mentioned as such:

  • Providing advice and advice to the Company, in writing or orally, on issues related to occupational health and safety and the prevention of accidents at work.
  • Providing advice on design, planning, construction and maintenance of facilities, procurement of tools and equipment.
  • The control of the safety of the facilities, the supervision of the implementation of the hygiene and safety measures in the company's facilities.
  • Reporting to the employer any deficiencies or omissions in the security systems.
  • Supervise the execution of fire safety and alarm drills to determine disaster preparedness.
  • Investigating the causes of accidents.
  • Informs employees about occupational risk.
  • Participates in the training and implementation of training programs.

For this purpose the security technician:

  • regularly inspects jobs and reports any omissions.
  • proposes measures to address omissions and oversees their implementation.
  • explains the need for the proper use of individual protection measures.
  • investigates the causes of work-related illnesses, analyzes and evaluates research results and proposes measures to prevent these illnesses.
  • monitors the compliance of employees with the rules of occupational health and safety, informs employees about the risks arising from their work, as well as about the ways to prevent them.

The written instructions are recorded by the Safety Technician in a special book of the company, which is paginated and notified to the Labor Inspectorate. The employer is obliged to take note of the signatures of the instructions recorded in this book.

The Security Technician keeps the business secret. Contact us to inform you about the schedule of TA visits required for your company TEL 6977405641